Does this app have reporting tools?

No. The Numera Sea app does not collect or store any data about your child or their activities, or serve ads, so you can be assured your privacy is secure. Therefore, we cannot provide reports. Besides, this is about learning through fun!

Why don’t I see my child using math skills?

With so many personalities and processing methods, preschoolers are unlikely to express their learning in ways that adults recognize. One child might enjoy combining things (addition), lining up rows and columns (multiplication), or separating them into equal groups (division) and another might be excellent at building towers with color or shape patterns or grouping things by size or shape.

It’s important that children learn numbers, but it’s equally or more important that they learn how to use numbers and quantities to create other numbers and quantities.

Why doesn’t this app teach my child more about numbers?

First, no app or digital device is going to replace a child’s hands-on, free-play experience with numbers, quantities, and patterns. Activities like putting shapes into same-shape holes in a wood-block toy is how a child’s brain learns best. This may not look like math, but it is! And it’s at the level that your child’s brain is ready for. Pushing numbers too soon can create math anxiety and disrupts natural development.

There are hundreds of apps that want to force your child’s developing brain to recognize and write the representational number forms. Numeracy is about understanding not just the number, but the quantities, patterns, and comparisons associated with them, which includes the ability to see a quantity as greater or less than another quantity. This app focuses on those things rather than the numbers.

You’d be surprised at how many 9th graders do not understand that 3x means three of something, and that 3x is more than 2x. Numera Sea focuses on number sense and cardinality in the early developing years, so that later on, these representational values (numbers) actually have meaning.

Will you be putting instructions or examples so that my child knows what to do?

Nope, this app was designed specifically to learn by doing. Since you can’t fail, you will catch on to the activity’s goal within a few tries. Plus, grit is an important element in child development, especially in math. A child who persists to achieve a goal will do better than one who gives up easily.

Will there be an app for K-2 so my child can grow into it?

That is my intention. As children grow up, they need new tools and extended versions of these skills. Also, the learning standards for math spiral up, meaning they build on what was learned previously. Numera Sea gives your child a foundation to build from.

The next level up will also be more game-oriented for that age group, and will include the skills and concepts they are learning, and more!